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Francisco Rua is an automotive photographer and entrepreneur with an automotive photography business.


At age 16 he started his photography journey and it was around that time when in Paris where he found glamour for the first time and went to his first international auto show.


At age 30 he started his own project called 'The Quest for Glamour' with the initial purpose of facing his fears. In our days it's also his commitment to telling the world about glamour and uses that knowledge to promote team building coaching b2b.


At age 36, he moved to a new country to rebuild his life on his own terms, bringing his creative and artistic vision to life with every photoshoot. Nevertheless, he lives in Chichester near the Goodwood Motor Circuit to keep a close eye on one of the most prestigious British race tracks.


Francisco is the creative director, photographer and main editor of his work.


Come and meet him! His energy is fantastic and inspirational.

About Me | Francisco Rua Automotive Photographer | Chichester

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